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Mary Ann Rivers has been named the author of best books of the year by Library Journal and Romance Novels for Feminists, her books have been praised as “superbly written,” by New York Times Bestselling author Grace Burrowes, and is a USA Today recommended read. She writes romance, mainstream, and literary fiction and her original flash works can often be found on her blog.

She is a contributor to the blog Wonkomance and the co-founder of Brain Mill Press.

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Love Books for Humans


I’ve been busy, and wanted to leave, here, a small note. Soon, I’ll write more to you, and more, and more, but I’ve been working hard, listening to my voice. I needed to say a lot to my work and my life for a long time, but now, I am ready be in conversation. Also — books! So many books.

In October, my holiday novella, SNOWFALL, was published, which was one of the most difficult books I have written, a send-up of the movie Shop Around the Corner, but also, one that I am the most proud of.

On June 1st, my collaboration with author Ruthie Knox, THE DARK SPACE, releases from our publishing house, Brain Mill Press. Brain Mill Press is a multi-genre press with exciting books coming from your favorite authors. Brain Mill Press publishes “love books for humans,” and building it has been some of the most fun I’ve had in my whole life aside from writing.

Then, on July 13th, we’re back to the Burnsides, with a Burnsides story novella, MY ONLY SUNSHINE, about the musician John Lake we met form a distance in Sam’s story, LAUGH. Following MY ONLY SUNSHINE, the series will continue with LOVE and ALWAYS.

Little note, big things. I hope this finds you well and happy and loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day.