Release Date: May 6, 2014

Publisher: Random House Loveswept

Series: The Burnside Series (no. 2)

Length: 288 pp.

ISBN: ebook 9780804178228


The Burnside family series continues as two people try to share their hearts without losing their cool.

Dr. Sam Burnside is convinced that volunteering at an urban green-space farm in Lakefield, Ohio, is a waste of time—especially with his new health clinic about to open. He only goes to mollify his partner, suspecting she wants him to lighten up. Then Sam catches sight of Nina Paz, a woman who gives off more heat than a scorcher in July. Her easy smile and flirty, sizzling wit has him forgetting his infamous need for control.

Widowed when her husband was killed in Afghanistan, Nina has learned that life exists to take chances. As the daughter of migrant workers turned organic farmers, she’s built an exciting and successful business by valuing new opportunities and working hard to take care of her own. But when Sam pushes for a relationship that goes beyond their hotter-than-fire escapades, Nina ignores her own hard-won wisdom. She isn’t ready for a man who needs saving—even if her heart compels her to take the greatest risk of all: love.

Amazing . . . one hell of a journey for a single book.

—Never Too Fond of Books

The humor, emphasis on community, and passionate feeling make [Laugh] a lovely read.

—Dear Author

Laugh makes you want to go out and take life by the horns, hug your friends and family tight and, yes . . . laugh.

—For What It’s Worth

If you want to read superb quality writing, be challenged intellectually and emotionally and be stimulated sensually—Mary Ann Rivers is the author to grab! Trust me on this!

—Ripe for Reader

Sam is my new favorite [May Ann Rivers] leading man. And trust me, when you read this you’ll know he’s all man.

—The Book Hammock

I love the Burnside family dynamic in this series—it’s messy and real.

—Red Hot and Blue Reads

Mary Ann Rivers has the ability to take my breath away and make me laugh in the same paragraph . . . heck, maybe even the same sentence.

—Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews

One of the most achingly real love stories that I’ve ever read.

—Love at First Page

Mary Ann Rivers is an author I trust implicitly. She unfailingly delivers stories with such realism. . . . She delivers the romance that is best experienced in the quiet moments between two people falling in love, or who are already there. It’s gritty and tough and messy. It’s beautiful.

—The Bookish Babe

The cab of Big Green had never felt small before.

The bench seat was as big as the sofa in her apartment, the dash stretched across the cab like a conference table, and the foot wells could easily accommodate the comfortable sprawl of tall and long-limbed men.

Like the one sprawled out on the passenger-side, right now, for example.

But even with the windows cranked down, and the hot midday wind blowing the sweat dry on their bodies, the cab of the truck felt close.

She could feel the pulses in the backs of her knees, thudding against her slippery skin, and she downshifted a little angrily, as if she could shift the direction of her blood along with the gear.

And then she watched as he slid his gaze to her thigh, where her quads had jumped working the heavy clutch, and her heart sent a fresh injection of pounding life everywhere.

He had to stop ogling her legs. They were burning from all the horny flexing and lunging she started doing as soon as she realized it drove him nuts. Between her own vanity and his leg fetish, she’d never have to suffer the gym’s leg press again if only he’d follow her around while she was wearing shorts.

Lacey had warned her Sam was good-looking, but laughed that his self-righteousness and impulse-control issues went a long way to keep a woman from noticing.

She had only met Lacey recently, and the smart nursing administrator seemed like a great potential friend in the neighborhood, but she had to wonder if the woman needed glasses.

Even when Sam was frowning, arguing, and sputtering he still looked like he should be leaning against a surfboard stuck in the sand—the sun making his strawberry hair more gold than red, his gray eyes crinkle, his skin go sleek and gilded.

And no matter how many crates of produce she lifted, how many rows she hoed, how many big commercial-sized soup pots she lifted from the burners, her shoulders would never look like his or be half as bitable.

Such a problem.

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